Steve Corn


Contact: dv84jc@yahoo.com

The best way to tell you who I am is really just to tell you the ‘loves’ of my life. By the way, after the first four, they aren’t in any particular order. I love my dogs, but more than some of you – no way!


2-Miranda (my wife)

3-Kasen Mathew Corn and new one Due Feb 2009!!

4-my family (Corns/Underwoods, and Mathews)

5-my dogs (Peanut and Priss)

6-friends (LJ, Tomball, Crowley)

7-my job (Youth Ministry)

8-guitar and worship leading (Taylor and Brian Moore Guitars)

9-Scuba Diving and Snow Skiing

10-Ice Cream (Blue Bell)

11-Lost, Survivor, The Mentalist, King of Queens

12-Star Wars, Coach Carter, Patch Adams, With Honors, Lion Witch and Wardrobe

13-Bible, Visioneering, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Traveling Mercies, Soul Tsunami

14-Throne Together, 300 East, Greenhouse, Evan Godbold, Cardinal Rise, David Wilcox, MuteMath, Future of Forestry, U2, Crowder, Van Halen, Tomlin, Vicky Beeching, Lincoln Brewster, Tim Hughes


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